Friday, June 09, 2006

the so-called vacation

Yesterday... to leave early (yey!) to go to my gown fitting in Makati. Kate was still wasn't done with my tulle skirt when we got there so got to chill in the CBTL Salcedo outlet with my Mcnuggets (late, late lunch) and iced tea. Finally got to try on my gown after half an hour. I'm really, REALLY lovin' it! :-) Sooo Excited!!!

Got the call from the folks that dinner will be late, so ddecided to chill at the Convergys outlet to meet up with bestfriend Kits and Maree for ice blendeds and cheesecake. Had a talkfest after days of OT (all three of us!) --- a great way to catch up! Had a wonderful surprise of meeting up with Larryboi, PaoPao and a new friend, Karen! :-D It's been so long since we got to see each other, it's such a great night!. The time passed easily and i got picked up later on for dinner two hours later. I wish i had my caMera! Damn. Still, there's gonna be a next time...hopefully... :-)

+ + +

Today... still working my ass off so ican leave here at 7pm sharp. I really wish they can approve those designs already...

+ + +

It's another long weekend, and i should be glad. Then why the hell do i feel like i'm heading off to hell?

The past few days have been hellish since i've been working my ass off to finish near-impossible deadlines (some of which are still to be approved) and trying to bear with the pressures of ongoing and upcoming issues (yet to unfold). Yargh... Ngarag galore.

By next week i'll be off to emcee and participate in my cousin's wedding (the first cousin to get hitched, so the pressure's on now!) as well as work with my mom on some family projects. I was hoping that this so-called vacation leave would be indeed a vacation, but apparently it's not gonna be that way. Being provinciana is really as bad as one seems, at least for my part. Yes, i love the family closeness, the endearing clannish protection i get from my family and relatives, but since this is such a BIG event, i'm guessing it'll be one of THOSE things i'd rather be in while high on Valium. Looks like my family's gonna ask those nosy (when are you gonna get hitched?" questions, as well as try to match make me with the "marrigeable" men they know. Oh the pain... not to mention the office will be calling (i'm giving them two days into the long weekend before they start bugging) about stuff i should have done before i left (um, ok.i gave notice that i'll be gone during this time BEFORE i even started working). Oh well. Blame it in the perfectionist and closet OC in me.

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hlF said...

you'll be wearing a gown!!! how exciting!!! well you have funand ill wait for your princess pics okay!

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